Guitar Teacher

Taking up a musical instrument is a difficult yet rewarding journey. Whatever your reasons, you have chosen to play the guitar. It is an excellent musical instrument that possesses the versatility of playing almost any genre of music. However, whether you are just a beginner or is looking to brush up on your skills, you are sure to be met with sour notes and slippery fingers. You have probably tried to follow a You-tube tutorial and still have not been able to play as you want. If you have found yourself in this situation, then what you need is the help of a guitar teacher. 

When most people think of musical instructors, they think of them as an unnecessary cost that can be avoided by several online videos and content. While the miracles of technology have provided you with thousands of videos to help you learn how to play, nothing can beat the real deal. A physical teacher who can show and familiarize you with the chords, encourage you to keep playing, and keep you on a schedule is easily more profitable. 

Now that you have chosen to hire a guitar teacher, you can now go through the vetting process. Choosing the right teacher for you should be treated as if you are picking a permanent residence. You want to get value for your money and ensure that the instructor is the right person for you. There are a few guidelines you can follow into picking the right guitar instructor for you. 

First is education. While some of the best instrument players have had no formal training on the craft, it is always better to pick an instructor who has had training. This is because, other than show you how to play, they will also give you a deeper and better understanding of music theories which can improve how you play. 

Experience is the other factor that you should look out for. A good guitarist who has had some experience teaching is always the best option. This is because it means that they have already formulated a schedule or guide that will take your skills to the next level at each milestone. 

Third, you need a teacher who is an active player. Having a teacher who is passionate about playing and learning new chords is a great advantage. It means that they can inspire you into playing more often. 

Before you pick an instructor, you must also check their availability and determine if your schedules match. If you have different schedules that will not allow you to meet at least once a week, then it is not a good match. Also, keep in mind that your instructor needs to have a quick response time. They should get back to you in two days. 

Finally, the most important quality of your instructor is that they need to be goal-setters. Whatever you want to accomplish, your teacher should be able to break it down into reasonable and attainable milestones that will eventually lead up to the ultimate goal.

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